Established in 2005, we stand as pioneers in the field of backing track music production, having catered to thousands of clients worldwide. EMP Studio boasts a rich portfolio, having generated hundreds of thousands of ideas, arrangements, compositions, original soundtracks (OST), and various audio and video products. Our extensive experience has shaped us into a professional production entity. Rest assured, while we maintain a high level of expertise, we remain committed to affordability, upholding our motto of delivering the BEST QUALITY at the MOST COMPETITIVE PRICES.

If you choose our services for the production of Backing Tracks, Karaoke Videos, or Cover Version Songs, and intend to utilize them in commercial activities, it is understood that you agree to obtain the necessary license and/or make payment to the relevant party.

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Lagu dukungan untuk Jokowi ciptaan Nugie

Lagu dukungan bagi Jokowi dan Ma'ruf Amin capres dan cawapres nomor 1 untuk melanjutkan masa kepemimpinannya 1 periode lagi. 2019 Jokowi lagi!

Segala kegiatan penggunaan lagu, WAJIB menghubungi pencipta lagu yaitu:
Nugroho Widjihatmoko

Vocal: Ebon
Music & Video: Edo JK13

Jk13 Music Production
EMP Studio