Since 2005, we are a pioneer in backing track music production that have served thousands of clients from ALL AROUND THE WORLD! EMP Studio have produced hundred of thousands of ideas, Arrangement, Composition, OST, audio and video products, etc, shaping us into a professional producer with very high experiences. But don't worry, although we are a pro we are also price friendly as we always carry our motto of the BEST QUALITY at the CHEAPEST PRICE!

If you are using our service to produce Backing Tracks / Karaoke Video / Cover Version Song and want to use it in any commercial activities, then we assume that you have agreed to get the license and / or pay to the relevant party.

NFT Collectibles

 To support our effort in saving stray cats, we currently are creating nft collectibles. Each of the collection is unique and are able to be resold for small percentage of royalties to us. So all of you cat lover and nft collector, what are you waiting for? Get yourself good karma for saving 1 more cat while getting your own mint collectibles! 

Click link below to see our collection.

See Gnome Club NFT

(supporting cat by adopting gnome)

Gnome Club NFT

See Condomtopia NFT

(Safe Sex Campaign)

Condomtopia NFT


See collection! 


Share it, own it, sell it, gain good karma!

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