Established in 2005, we stand as pioneers in the field of backing track music production, having catered to thousands of clients worldwide. EMP Studio boasts a rich portfolio, having generated hundreds of thousands of ideas, arrangements, compositions, original soundtracks (OST), and various audio and video products. Our extensive experience has shaped us into a professional production entity. Rest assured, while we maintain a high level of expertise, we remain committed to affordability, upholding our motto of delivering the BEST QUALITY at the MOST COMPETITIVE PRICES.

If you choose our services for the production of Backing Tracks, Karaoke Videos, or Cover Version Songs, and intend to utilize them in commercial activities, it is understood that you agree to obtain the necessary license and/or make payment to the relevant party.

Why choose us?

You can request any song! Perfect solution for karaoke business owner and users as your collection will be even more complete, even to the rarest songs.

Cheap! Just look at our price list and compare it with other producer with similar quality

Quality! Apart from the fact that we only use professional players, the equipment we use is quite sophisticated!

Guaranteed! We will always provide chance to revise the result

Trusted! Since 2005 we operate, never once did we have a problem with client. Browse our reputation. 5 stars review won't lie!

Full Support from us for your song arrangement. Don't be afraid or embarrassed if you only have a half done song. Different with other arranger that only accept semi-finished song materials, we accept the most raw song material to be processed until they shine.

Dynamic! You want the keys to be lowered? The guitar removed? The chorus is repeated 10 times? We can!

Help the Stray Animals! By becoming our client, you have join our effort in supporting over 50 stray cats and a few stray dogs to have food and shelter