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JK13 Cat Shelter

In 2005, we established a cat shelter in our effort to save abandoned and stray cats in Jakarta. Since then, Jk13Cat shelter has managed to save more than 150 stray cats, feeding countless number of strays, and donate to other shelters and street feeding communities.

Don't worry. They are not caged. This is their room. Each are consist of max 5 cats that are compatible with each other so they won't disturb or bully one another. It is spacious and filled with toys. They are cleaned every day. Dry food & drink are available 24 hours and wet food is served once a day. The sick will be treated by our self or local vet for heavier case. They have play time in the yard every day to sunbathe and socialize.

Why we're not let them go outside? 
- First, my country don't have law that punish animal abuser for what they deserve, so there are too many cases of animal abuses here. Sick people often abuse them with no reason at all. Ever heard of a momma cat that died after poured with boiled water by some sick old woman? Or kids burned a kitten because they were bored? Or that homeless guy that sacking many cats for "medicine"? That happened here! 

- Second, there are many danger outside. Mostly of virus, vehicles, and predator (mostly snake). There are hundred hit and run victim and 9 cases of cat eaten by snake (one of which I see with my own eyes). Also most horrifying is there are some culture here that have cat meat on their menu. There is even a fresh market that sells live cat to be slaughter! So some people are actively hunt stray cat and even stole owned cat to be sold or eat. 

- Third, cats are animal and sometimes will litter on neighbor's yard, stole something from their kitchen, or any other mischievousness. We are already considered freak as a cat lover here, it is necessary for us to avoid further problem socially. Yup, they are capable to cast out people from their own home because of small matter like these. Better safe than sorry.

Furthermore, we need 80kg of dry food, 150 cans of wet food, and many kg of cat litter sand every month and countless number of time and energy. My revenue is enough to support them so far but we will gladly accept all kind of help from you cat lovers. Whether it is donation, cat food, or even a prayer. It will greatly reduce my burden and we can save more cats.

You can support us by:
Becoming our patron on Patreon only for $1 a month
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Purchasing our audio footage at Pond5
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Or owning our NFT collectible at:

Or by becoming our client / spreading info about us

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or even just by adopting or feeding any cats and dogs around you, you have participated in our efforts to save and give a better live for stray animals.

Karma is real. Trust me, by saving animal you will save yourself. Be kind and be saved.

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